ISG Alumni Nov-10 talk “How Cryptographic Algorithms Die” now online

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The Information Security Group (ISG) Alumni, London Chapter are delighted to invite you to our 2015 Autumn Seminar hosted at Expedia Inc. Prof. Kenny Paterson, will be the Keynote speaker of this seminar. He will discuss the RC4 algorithm’s use in TLS and whether this means the cryptographic algorithm is dead, and what are the impact this will have on the industry?

Prof. Kenny Paterson is a former EPSRC Leadership Fellow, and professor of Information Security at the Royal Holloway Information Security Group. His research and publication on the security of TLS received significant media attention, that helped drive the adoption of TLS 1.2 with its support for modern encryption schemes, and was an important factor in the TLS Working Group’s decision to abandon legacy encryption mechanisms in TLS 1.3.

Prof. Paterson work received several prizes and awards, such as: Google Distinguished Paper Award for his joint work with Nadhem AlFardan presenting plaintext recovery attacks against DTLS published at NDSS 2012; Applied Networking Research Prize from the IRTF for his work with Nadhem AlFardan on the Lucky 13 attack; and Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies for his work with Mihir Bellare and Phil Rogaway on theSecurity of symmetric encryption against mass surveillance published at CRYPTO 2014.

UPDATE:  Thank you all for attending, the event recording can be found here:

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